A big problem in combat sports, whether its MMA or boxing is the selection of who will fight the champion for the title. Too often an athlete who is the “flavor of the month” will get the chance to fight for a title even though he is widely known as not being the top contender. Some promoters will also try to “protect” their champions by giving them contenders who they feel has less chances to beat them.

In the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL for example, there are no such things as standings are used where teams depending on their records know who they will play in the big games come playoff times. In combat sports, a championship bout is the equivalent to playoffs in these other sports – and this is the reason why TKO MMA will introduce another innovation in combat sports as our ranking system and championship fight selection will be made out of a very comprehensive standing. Just like in these other major leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL), fans will be able to see exactly what’s going on and understand why a contender is fighting for a world title.

+2 Points

Athletes will receive 2 points for a win

+1 Point

Athletes will receive a 1 point bonus
for a win by KO, TKO or via submission


On top of that athletes will receive a bonus depending on the quality of the opponents they defeat so the top ranked athletes are the ones that deserve it the most. If an athlete beats an opponent with a record of 10-2 for example he will receive a bonus of 8 points for the win (differential between wins and losses). A win against an opponent with a 0-2 or a 2-2 record will result in no extra bonus for that win.


An athlete with a 4-1 record beats an opponent with a 19-2 record by KO. He will receive 20 points for that win (2 points for the win, 1 point for the KO and 17 points for the differential in wins/losses of his opponent. In the same example, if the 19-2 athlete wins by KO, he will only get 6 points for the win (2 points for the win, 1 point for the KO and 3 points for the differential in wins/losses of his opponent).

We believe this will bring transparence, legitimacy and most importantly will once again bring our fans closer to the action in a very comprehensive way.

* athletes will be allowed competing in ONE catchweight bout per season.

** as of 12/01/2016, athletes who fail to make weight for a bout (according to the signed bout agreement) will not receive any points for a win.