One of the hallmarks of TKO MMA has always been giving the fans the fights they want to see.  Unlike other combat sports where you’ll rarely see two local stars square off, the fact that such matchups are a regular occurrence on TKO cards is an important factor in the promotion’s success over the years.

TKO Fight Night 1 this Thursday will be no different as the two best strikers in La Belle Province have signed to face one another in a fight that defines the term “Dream Match”.  On that night, featherweight Charles “Air” Jourdain (6-1-0, 5 KO, 1 sub) and lightweight Kevin “The Spartan” Genereux (4-2-0, 3 KO, 1 sub) will do battle at a catchweight of 150 pounds.

This matchup has been highly anticipated among TKO fans since the promotion relaunched 2 years ago.  Although both men competed in different weight classes, you could feel the tension.  On a few occasions, Genereux referred to Jourdain as the “Quebec Conor McGregor” and stated he would shut him up if given the opportunity.  Needless to say his wish has been granted.

When reached for comment Genereux  played down the rivalry though, claiming “I don’t really have anything against Jourdain.  He thinks he’s the best striker in Quebec so we’ll see how things go on August 2nd.

The fight is a dangerous one for the young Jourdain as Genereux will likely be much heavier than he will come fight night.  Never one to be phased by such things, Jourdain feels he is more than up to the task: “I think this fight is good for the local scene and I see it as a personal challenge.  Kevin is a very dangerous fighter so this is high risk, high reward.  I took a huge gamble at TKO39 against Will Romero and that was the defining moment of my life to this point.  I’m looking to do the same on Thursday.

When questioned as to how he matches up with the powerful puncher from Drummondville, Jourdain noted: “Wherever I’m weak, he’s not that strong.  At the same time, you can’t go in with a calculated strategy with a guy like him, that’s where others failed.  He doesn’t have patterns, he doesn’t setup and just goes on instinct. He’s an old school brawler; if he sees an opportunity, he’ll take it.

Genereux is not the most talkative of competitors before a fight and, as noted by Jourdain, doesn’t discuss strategy that much, likely due to his running on instinct.  He summed up his approach to this fight very simply: “One thing is for sure: wherever the fight goes, I’ll be better than him.

Of course, although a standup battle is expected, there is a possibility the fight could go the ground.  Both men may not be elite grapplers but each does have a submission victory on his resume.  Jourdain however was quick to claim the upper hand even if he wound up on his back: “He may have taken a couple of classes but there’s no way he’s more technical than me.  He’s worked with big, explosive guys. At the end of the day, he’s what, a white belt?  I’m a purple belt so he can’t take me on the ground.  Trust me, I’m going to finish him in the second round.

The war of words between these two fan favorites has now come to an end and it’s almost time to throw down.  Although only one will leave the cage with his hand raised Thursday night, thousands will be victorious for having witnessed this one: the fight we always wanted to see but never thought we would see.

Story by Patrick Lono, TKO