Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Friday May 18th 2018 – With its growing fan base always asking for more events, Talion Sports Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of the TKO Fight Night events.  Although replays of these cards will be available on UFC Fight Pass and RDS, the only way to witness the action live is to be in attendance.  The first event in this series will be held on Thursday, August 2nd at the beautiful and cozy La Tohu in Montreal, Canada.

Although the live concept slightly differs from the typical TKO events, that does not mean the caliber of fights will be lessened, far from it.  On that summer’s night, the action promises to be just as hot and heavy as always as this event will feature THREE title fights and a catchweight superfight TKO fans have been dreaming of!

In the main event of the evening, it’s the rematch we have all been waiting for as TKO Featherweight Champion TJ “The Truth” Laramie (8-2-0, 5 KO, 2 sub) puts his championship on the line against arch rival Alex Morgan (8-3-0, 4 KO).  These young studs faced each other at TKO38 and Morgan was able to finish Laramie, however that victory was clouded in controversy due to what many perceived as an early stoppage.  On August 2nd, they return to the same venue to do it all over again but this time, the stakes are raised with the title up for grabs.  This is a huge fight in both men’s career as the world will be watching to find out who is indeed the better fighter.

This will be an amazing fight, their first encounter ended in controversy, they don’t like each other and they both genuinely want that fight. Laramie has showed a lot of poise and fight IQ in his last two championship fights and he proved that he could adjust to any situations. Morgan wants to prove a point, he wants to show that fight #1 was no fluke. We are talking about a high high level fight.” – TKO president Stephane Patry

Also on that night, TKO Flyweight Champion Malcolm “X” Gordon (10-3-0, 4 KO, 4 sub) will also be in action as he defends against #1 contender and hometown favorite James “Boom Boom” Mancini (5-3-0, 1 KO).  Don’t be fooled by the challenger’s record: Mancini is undefeated since dropping to 125 pounds and his wrestling is likely the best in the entire promotion no matter the weight class.  Gordon proved why he is considered by many as the best flyweight in Canada when winning the championship last March in dominant fashion and aims to provide fans with a repeat performance.

Malcolm Gordon showed such an improved ground game when he won the title at TKO42, he now faces the toughest wrestler he’ll ever cross path with. Gordon is also very good on his feet, this could become a classic – will Gordon elect to make it a kickboxing fight or will he test the water and battle the wrestler on his turf? Will Mancini be able to showcase his improved stand-up skills or will he use his power to take the fight to the ground? I’m so much looking forward to this fight” – TKO president Stephane Patry

In a matchup that is sure to blow the roof off La Tohu, TKO will crown its heavyweight champion as the undisputed #1 big man in Canada, Adam “Kung Fu Panda” Dyczka (7-0-0-1, 7 KO) looks to claim the title that he feels is rightfully his.  His opponent however is likely the best heavyweight striker ever to compete in TKO. His name is Cyril Gane (12-0-0, 7 KO in professional Muay Thai).  Gane is undefeated as a professional, compiling a 12-0 record with 7 KO’s at the highest level.  He is currently ranked #3 in the world by the WBC in muay thai and has been chomping at the bit to showcase his skills in mixed martial arts for a while.  A training partner of UFC heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou, Gane is well prepared for MMA and is coming to Canada looking for gold.

People will look at the fact that Cyril is making his pro debut and gets a title shot out of the gate, but keep in mind he is an undefeated champion in Muay Thai that has been a sparring partner of top UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou for a long time. He has the skillset to be in this fight and he has the opportunity to write a page in history just like Mark Hominick before him and become TKO champion in his pro MMA debut. This is also a huge opportunity for Adam to not only be crowned TKO heavyweight champion but to cement himself as a future UFC star. If he can put Gane to sleep with his big right hand like he does with all his opponents he will then send a huge message – there aren’t too many strikers as talented as Gane in the UFC” – TKO president Stephane Patry

And last but definitely not least, it’s the superfight TKO fans have been asking for since the return of the organization almost 2 years ago.  It has all the ingredients required to make a memorable fight: two young men in their prime, both willing to do whatever it takes to achieve victory, both willing to stand and bang and both with a large fanbase.  Simply put, on Thursday, August 2nd, at TKO Fight Night 1, at a catchweight of 150 pounds, Charles”Air” Jourdain (6-1-0, 5 KO, 1 sub) will take on Kevin “The Spartan” Généreux (4-2-0, 3 KO, 1 sub).

We are all about giving the fans the fight they really want. Sometimes it’s impossible for us to do so because some athletes tend to turn down fights. With Charles Jourdain, this is never the case – we are talking about a kid that wants to fight, that wants to give a good show and someone who is so generous with his fans. He really gets the business of combat sports. Even though Charles has showed he was one of the best striker in the organization, he now faces his most dangerous challenge in that area. Genereux is a very good striker with super heavy hands. This is also a fight Genereux has asked for numerous times in the last two years. This fight will be unreal” – TKO president Stephane Patry

Many more big fights for this incredible card will be announced in the coming days and weeks. Tickets will go on sale Friday May 25th at 9AM ET by calling the TKO ticket office at 514-790-1909.

TKO Featherweight Championship (5 rounds) ALEX MORGAN vs. TJ LARAMIE

TKO Catchweight Superfight (3 rounds) KEVIN GENEREUX vs. CHARLES JOURDAIN

TKO Heavyweight Championship (5 rounds) CYRIL GANE vs. ADAM DYCZKA

TKO Flyweight Championship (5 rounds) JAMES MANCINI vs. MALCOLM GORDON