With another huge event just days away, TKO fans from around the world have been making their predictions as to how they expect this Friday’s big fights to go down.  Can Laramie overcome his toughest test yet or will Nogueira’s veteran poise prove too much to handle?  Will Kornberger live up to the hype or will Charbonneau score the upset?  Who will be the king of the featherweight strikers, Lo or Jourdain?  Will Gordon be crowned flyweight champion or will the upstart Graham derail him?

Those questions and many more will be answered this Friday, March 16th, at Place Bell in Laval as part of TKO42: Nogueira vs Laramie.

However, we wanted to provide you the fans with some expert opinions as to the outcome of the fights to help you as you get ready for your own pool.  We thought: who better to provide insight than the current TKO champions not fighting on this card: middleweight champion Marc-André Barriault, lightweight champion Jesse Ronson and bantamweight champion Jesse Arnett.

Here now are their thoughts on who will see their hand raised come this Friday.

Featherweight Championship: TJ Laramie (champion) vs Joao Luiz Nogueira (challenger)

Marc-André Barriault – TJ Laramie by decision, “The main event will without a doubt be a demonstration of high level ground games.  Both will have a perfect game plan but in my opinion, the one who will be able to better impose his will is more likely to leave with the belt by earning a decision victory.  I particularly like TJ Laramie and I believe he’ll have the last word.

Jesse Ronson – TJ Laramie by TKO in round 4, “Gotta go with my man TJ. He wants this real bad, especially since Nogueira beat Morgan.  Nogueira faded in that fight. He’s a thick 145 pounds but from his track record, he’s not a late round fighter so I think TJ tires him out in rounds 1, 2 and 3 and then turns it on in the 4th, getting the finish when Nogueira fades.

Jesse Arnett – TJ Laramie by TKO in round 4, “TJ trains with beasts and has done all the right stuff in training to get where he’s at.  Nogueira will be in tough.  I look for TJ to finish the fight in the championship rounds after wearing him down.


Featherweight Superfight: Charles Jourdain vs Matar Lo

Marc-André Barriault – Matar Lo by submission in round 3, “A great fight between two young studs at 145 pounds that I expect to be a spectacular bout.  I’m looking forward to seeing an incredible display of striking skills.  I do however see Matar Lo capitalizing on a Jourdain mistake and suprising him with a choke in the 3rdround.

Jesse Ronson – Charles Jourdain by decision, “Lo is a big guy stacked with power but either the cut to 145 kills him or he’s just all fast twitch, which burns his cardio from what I’ve seen.  If Jourdain can make it out of the first round with a taller rangier fighter than him, as he’s never fought anyone taller with more reach before, it will be interesting to see how he handles it.  He has cardio for days so Jourdain wins if he gets passed the first.

Jesse Arnett – Charles Jourdain by decision, “I agree with Jesse.  If Lo can’t get the first round KO, then it’s going to be a long night for him.  Jourdain has a great gas tank and deep waters favour him.


Vacant Flyweight Championship: Malcolm Gordon vs Jordan Graham

Marc-André Barriault – Malcolm Gordon by decision, “Malcom Gordon’s experience will need to utilize his experience and be successful in leading the fight to his advantage.  Although Graham has showed great stuff in his fights, Gordon should win via unanimous decision in a fight where strategy will be key.

Jesse Ronson – Malcolm Gordon by submission in round 2, “Gotta go with my teammate Malcolm on this one as he’s put in a lot of hard work.  Graham may have a lot of striking experience but Malcolm is an animal on the ground.  If it gets there, he’ll twist him up and become champion.

Jesse Arnett – Malcolm Gordon by submission in round 3, “I have trained with Malcolm and will pick him to win but it’s a very tough fight.  If Malcolm can get him to the ground, he will get the submission by the third round.

In addition to the above, our champions provided their pick for all 13 of Friday night’s fights:



Marc-André Barriault

Jesse Ronson

Jesse Arnett

Paul vs O’Neil

O’Neil (TKO R2)

O’Neil (decision)

O’Neil (decision)

Vogel vs Clarke

Vogel (SUB R1)

Clarke (decision)

Clarke (decision)

Baldridge vs Ismail

Ismail (TKO R1)

Ismail (decision)

Ismail (TKO R2)

Nash vs Sullivan

Sullivan (KO R2)

Nash (TKO R3)

Nash (TKO R3)

McIntyre vs Dupras

Dupras (SUB R1)

Dupras (SUB R1)

Dupras (SUB R1)

McLean vs Mancini

Mancini (decision)

Mancini (decision)

Mancini (decision)

Baikie vs Dufort

Dufort (SUB R1)

Baikie (TKO R1)

Baikie (TKO R3)

Mokdad vs Vallée

Vallée (decision)

Mokdad (TKO R2)

Mokdad (TKO R3)

Machado vs Maness

Maness (decision)

Maness (decision)

Maness (decision)

Kornberger vs Charbonneau

Charbonneau (SUB R2)

Kornberger (TKO R2)

Kornberger (TKO R1)

Gordon vs Graham

Gordon (decision)

Gordon (SUB R2)

Gordon (SUB R3)

Lo vs Jourdain

Lo (SUB R3)

Jourdain (decision)

Jourdain (decision)

Nogueira vs Laramie

Laramie (decision)

Laramie (TKO R4)

Laramie (TKO R4)

Tickets for TKO42: Nogueira vs Laramie are still available online at or at the Place Bell box office.

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