Montreal, Quebec (Canada) Tuesday August 15th 2017 – Kevin Genereux will not be part of the TKO40: DENOUEMENT fight card against Jesse Ronson on September 8th 2017 and was subsequently suspended indefinitely by the TKO organization as he has refused to meet with the TKO medical team for evaluation and treatment. 

TKO president Stephane Patry is actively looking for a replacement to face Jesse Ronson in 3 weeks: “This is obviously very disappointing for Jesse, who’s been training real hard for this very important fight but it’s also very disappointing for us and our fans as everybody was looking forward to this fight. Genereux decided on his own to pull out from the fight and refused to see our medical team for treatments and evaluation. I met with Kevin, he has no serious injuries but in his own words – this whole camp has been a mess for him – and he doesn’t feel he can be ready for the fight. I wish we would’ve been notified of this before so that TKO and Jesse Ronson could have more time to adjust, it’s a question of respect.

Tickets for TKO40 are currently on sale and are selling extremely fast! The TKO ticket office can be reached at 514 700-0999. Tickets for this event start at $85.00, $115.00, $220.00 and $2,000.00 for a table of 8 with VIP treatment (two 40 oz. bottles of alcohol, VIP food service and buffet).

As is the case with all TKO events, fans around the world will be able to catch the action live on UFC Fight Pass and on the Fight Network.

TKO40: DENOUEMENT official fight card as of July 31st 2017

Main Event – LHW division (205): Todd Stoute (9-3-0) vs. Marc-André Barriault (7-1-0)

Main Event – FW division (145): Joao Luiz Nogueira (23-7-0) vs. Alex Morgan (7-2-0)

Main Event – catchweight (192): Maiquel Falcao (37-10-1) vs. Strahinja Gavrilovic (6-4-0)

Main card – HW division (265): Najebe Oulmoudene (2-0-0) vs. Adam Dyczka (5-0-0)

Main card – WW division (170): Leo Xavier (4-0-1) vs. Yacine Bandoui (8-6-0)

Main card – BW division (135): Atsushi Fujino (3-0-0) vs. Louis Jourdain (4-1-0)

Main card – LW division (155): Robert Seres (4-1-0) vs. Michael Dufort (3-2-0)

Prelims – BW division (135): Keith Lee (1-1-0) vs. Eric Daigneault (2-3-0)

Prelims – BW division (135): Tyler Wilson (2-0-0) vs. Frederick Dupras (0-0-0)

Prelims – FW division (145): Matar Lo (1-1-0) vs. Maxime Soucy (0-0-0)

Prelims – FLW division (125): Stevie Yhap (2-1-0) vs. James Mancini (2-3-0)

Prelims – WW division (170): Alex Paul (4-1-0) vs. David Daigneault (1-0-0)

Kevin Genereux