If you were to do a Google search on the term “grizzled veteran”, no doubt one of the first names to pop up would Maiquel “Big Rig” Falcao.  Having competed in nearly 50 professional fights, he has seen it all and done it all in this industry, scoring a whopping 38 victories along the way.

Despite standing only 5 foot 9, Falcao brings with him incredible knockout power, his weapon of choice which he has used to take out 26 of his foes.  Mixed martial artists are known for saying they would fight anybody, Falcao however is the embodiment thereof.  In the last year alone, he has competed in the middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

Falcao has competed all over the world over the last few years: Russia, Brazil, Poland, the UK and Argentina just to name a few.  His career highlight however is undoubtedly his victory in the 2012 Bellator middleweight tournament which made him an international star.

The question on all TKO fans minds as we approach September 8 is quite simple: what will happen when you take an explosive, aggressive and powerful fighter like Falcao and put him in the cage with an explosive, aggressive ad powerful fighter like Strahinja Gavrilovic?  The answer: anything, and that is the perfect recipe for a great fight.

It was Gavrilovic who called out the Brazilian after his last bout, showing once again that he is a fearless warrior.  “To be honest, I didn’t know about the challenge” said Falcao.  “I know he is a great fighter but my goal is to win, no matter how.

Although renowned for his punching power, Falcao was quick to note that he has more than one weapon in his arsenal.  “The results of my fights come from strategy, I’m not just focused on the knockout.”  On the subject of preparation for someone like Gavrilovic, Falcao was confident experience may be the key.  “I have been on this profession for many years so I’m used to guys like him.  I have trained very hard with my team and mainly with Orestes Betran.

The experience factor will also assist Falcao in managing the butterflies that come with performing on a worldwide stage such as TKO, a feeling he is now accustomed to.  “I am very happy with the opportunities God has bestowed upon me.  Competing in a big event such as this is always something special.  I am grateful for this opportunity and promise I am going to put on a great show.

It goes without saying that this one of the most highly anticipated debuts in TKO history as many are looking forward to seeing how Gavrilovic can stack up to a bona fide international star.  Luckily for us, this clash of the titans is just a few days away.

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Maiquel Falcao